Sarah Obexer: Sarah was born and raised around the marina over 30 years ago.  While coming up to spend the summers
with her grandparents, she started learning the business whether it be sorting mail with her grandmother, pumping gas,
stocking shelves at the General Store, selling boat parts and accessories to management skills needed later in life to
operate the family business. After getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human
Resources, she started running the marina full time in spring of 1998.  Sarah’s smiling face and her recognizable red-hair
all often seen all over the marina.  She may even be the one making your sandwich, ringing you up at the register,
answering the phone or pumping your gas.  Stop her and say Hi!
  Keith Fields:  Keith is involved in numerous facets of the operation; from assisting with the day-to-day operations, to
solving information technology issues to operating equipment in the yard he is involved with just about all of it.  He has a
long history and love of boating.  Keith was General Manager of Tahoe Yacht Club for nearly 6 years and was involved
with the sail race program and the
Concours d'Elegance.  When he is not at the Marina you can be sure he is either
boating, skiing or on a motorcycle adventure in the desert.
  Jacob & Kaleb: Keith and Sarah’s first son is Jacob.  Kaleb is their second son. Jacob and Kaleb will often be seen
watching the staff around the yard and doing little projects with mommy and daddy.  
  Darren Kramer:  Darren is our Operations Manager, joined Obexer's the beginning of 2010. He's in 5 days a week all
year-round and splits his time between the office and the yard. Darren grew up around boats in Annapolis, MD and brings
several years of marina experience. Contact Darren for any of your marine and boating needs!
  Joanne Kilburn: Joanne moved with her family from Southern California in the spring of 2010, most recently working as a
Bid Administrator with North American Bus Industries.  Joanne is married to her husband Aaron and they have one
daughter, Katherine. Joanne was raised in southwest Michigan, spending long days on Lake Michigan boating with her
family; so she is thrilled to live in the small town of Homewood at Lake Tahoe watching Katherine enjoy all of the fresh-
water lake activities that she was able to do growing up. Joanne is our Office Manager, supervising all office operations.
Additionally, Joanne oversees all our commercial and residential tenant properties, including The Lodge At Obexer’s, which
she co-manages with her husband, Aaron.
  Brett Oberacker: Brett is Obexer's Harbor Master and Yard Foreman. Brett has been with us since 2004 and is one of the
very best operators at Lake Tahoe. You will see Brett all over the marina, running forklifts, launching boats and handling all
duties related to the yard.  Brett has a wife - Amanda and two small children.  Feel free to ask him ANY questions about
your boating needs.
  Mikey Walker: Obexer's.  Obviously his love for Tahoe runs deep, he spent his first night here sleeping in a boat!  You
can find Mikey working alongside Brett in the Yard operating all of our equipment or wake surfing behind
Runnin Bear.
  Jimmy Lane: Jim is a very familiar face around the marina. After getting his feet wet at Sierra Boat Company, he started as
a yard assistant to Herb Obexer back in January, 1981.  Jim has a wife - Annie, two children - Dylan and Kelly, and 8 or
more boats - we are never really sure! Jimmy can be found in the office and educating the guys in the yard.
  Lindsay Chandler: Lindsay is our Office Assistant, who has been with the Boat Company since the spring of 2011.
Lindsay moved herself and her dog, Stella Blue, to Lake Tahoe in the Fall of 2010 from the small town of Quakertown,
Pennsylvania. Prior to living in the basin, Lindsay had never been on a boat. Needless to say, one season as a pier
attendant has solidified her love of the lake and all things boating! Lindsay spends most of her time in the office, but is still
active on the gas dock managing the pier attendants and training all staff on AIS Inspection protocols.
  Ted Slabik: Ted is our Showroom Purchasing Agent. Ted joined Obexer's in the spring of 2004. He keeps our chandlery,
restoration, and mechanical shops stocked. Ted can track down those hard to find parts for you or special order just about
anything that we don't have
  Thad Bianco:  Thad is Obexer's Mercury, PCM, Volvo-Penta Certified Marine Technician.  He is also forklift certified.  
Thad has a long mechanical history in and around boats.  He hails from Long Island, New York where he grew up working
on vessels of all types and sizes.  He is known to many in the boating world as the "
Nautique Whisperer" solving problems
no other mechanic could diagnose or solve.  It must be genetic; Thad's father is nationally recognized as a legendary
marine mechanic too.
  Jeremy Frost: Jeremy is Obexer's longest employed mechanic on staff.  Jeremy is a certified Mercury technician.  He
enjoys wake surfing and spending time outdoors.
  Dan Ray:  Dan is heading up Obexer’s newest venture, “Obexer’s Water Sports”.  Dan brings a competitive background
and over 11 years of water sports instruction experience.  He is capable of teaching all ages and abilities, is a United
States Coast Guard licensed boat captain and is sure to show anyone a great time on the water no matter what their
  Vivi Misiewicz:  Vivi is the Reservations Manager for Obexer’s Water Sports. She grew up in the warm, tropical weather
and sunny beaches of Brazil, and like many others, came to Tahoe for Lake Tahoe keeps growing. This is her first summer
joining the Obexer’s team and is the go to person to arrange your water sport adventure!  
Our Staff