Boat detailing goes much further than simply cleaning your boat. It not only improves aesthetic appeal, but also protects and extends boat life against a
potentially harsh environment. Fiberglass is not always maintenance-free. Eventually the gel coat will become dull resulting in a worn-down appearance.
Depending on the condition of your boat, you may just need a deep cleaning and wax, or your watercraft may require use of heavy compound for
oxidation removal to restore the original colors and shine. Waxing your boat will create a glossy, shiny surface that will help protect the gel coat and slow
future oxidation. Wax will also help preserve its resale value.

Have your boat professionally cleaned and waxed at Obexer's Boat Company. We offer full service detailing, washing, waxing, compound buffing, color
restoration, gel coat & fiberglass repair and interior cleaning. It is a convenience that will help you maintain, protect and enhance the appearance of your
boat. Waxing your boat provides long-lasting protection against the harmful effects of the environment, such as the ultra-violet rays of the summer sun.
Our professional detailers will have your boat looking top notch year after year!
Services and Rates

Services: (include but not limited to)
● Gel Coat Oxidation Removal
● Water Spot Removal
● Surface Scratch and Scuff Removal
● Grime Removal
● Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing
● Upholstery Cleaning and Conditioning
● Teak Restoration
● Chrome and Aluminum Polishing
● Waxing & Polishing
● Color Restoration
STANDARD WASH & WAX         $23.00-$28.00/FT
Top Side & Hull Wash
Top Side Dry
Vacuum Interior
Wax (Waterline & Above)
Spot Clean Carpet

FULL SERVICE DETAIL              $27.00 -$32.00/FT
Top Side & Hull Wash
Top Side Dry
Vacuum Interior
Wax (Waterline & Above)
Complete Carpet Cleaning
UV Protectant on Upholstery/Vinyl
Polish Chrome Railings and Hardware
Teak Oil Swim Platform
Wash & Vacuum Live Wells, Lazarets & Storage Areas
Clean & Treat Windows

Note:Cost per foot depends on amount of waxable surface.
Most ski boats and Cobalt’s would fall in the lower price range.

*Boats must be in condition that will accept wax – no oxidation or water spots
otherwise compounding and color restoration may be required.
Extras (Per Estimate)
Water Spot Removal
Heavy Compounding (Top Sides & Hull)
Scratch & Scuff Removal
Color Restoration
Clean Bimini Top(s) & Cover Cleaning
Hull Stain Removal
Deep Clean Bilge

Pump-Out Holding Tank           $60-$80